Howl’s Moving Castle!!

Jessy, Simon, Tinks, Wanjia and I all went to the 20:40 show at the Cornerhouse yesterday. Great colours and wonderful scenery, it was an interesting film to watch, if only it wasn’t so long. “Calcifer! Calcifer!” (an inside joke) Then we went to Kro2 to sink a pint each. It was nice fun sitting with good friends. I went off with Simon and Tinks for drinks and to watch ‘Dodgeball’, which I found highly unamusing, seeing as how it was full of predicatable gags and unbelievable plots. Managed to sleep at half-four in the morning after partially watching ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ that I borrowed from Tinks.

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  1. tinks

     /  25 September, 2005

    Can’t say much about the company but the film was very good. There could have been a few tears at certain moments, such a lovely film. It was dead straight forward and easy to understand – right Jessy…

  2. jessy

     /  25 September, 2005

    Yes it was such a lovely moive, I cried a few times during the moive! I want to watch it over and over again until I really understand the reasons of my crying!

  3. Working hard on your dissertation there Naz? 😛


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