United in crappyhood!

What a crap game! What a crap game!! As my esteemed friend and personal mentor was talking about just yesterday, those overpaid sods at United were disgraceful. As the guy sitting behind me said, “We should start paying them based on performance, that’d change their attitude”. D’accord mate.

One highlight of the match though, was when Giggs was substitued for Park Ji-Sung. Giggs gave his captain’s arm-band to Park as they changed places at the touchline, who promptly put it on his own arm! This amused me greatly, and I couldn’t stop making ribald comments about ‘Our Captain’ and his effect on his players.

Went to Deansgate Locks after that to sink a few well-earned ones with Dave of CCRM. The topic of the day was Life, Religion, the Universe, and Everything.

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  1. My point proven. 🙂


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