I popped in ‘Heat’ last night ‘coz I was bored and “there’s nowt on telly anyway”. That’s how they used to make ’em: Al de Niro and Robert Pacino, Val Kilmer, and that mexican-looking bloke, and that italian-looking bloke. A great bunch, blasting all 31 flavours of crap out of banks, armoured trucks, cops, and innocent bystanders. Reading Rachey’s blog, I had to agree. The precise reason I reached for Heat was that I wanted no moral dilemmas whatsoever. I seem to spend too much time nowadays philosophising about the rights and wrongs of some exceedingly impalusible and impossible movie situations. (I guess it’s just my sensitive and caring nature 🙂 )
Having said that, Hollywood seems to be unable to resist that “confrontation scene”. Allow me to explain. Seeing as how the whole movie is about the cop and the baddie battling each other, they went to extraordinary lengths, stretching the credibility of the plot, in order to put Al and Rob face to face in a battle of words that showed how much they were real men, and grudgingly admired each others intelligence, but had to do what they do.
But that Ashley Judd, COR!!

“Naz gets a gold star in Media Studies. Come to the front of the class, dear boy”

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  1. Never seen it. Is it as much of a non-thinker as Piglet’s Big Movie though?! 🙂

  2. or Disney’s Hercules. Now theres a corker!

    or The Mighty Boosh for that matter.



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