Busy B with short hair

I was out cross-pollinating the blog world when I realised that
(short hair, not short hairs)

It happened one chilly February morning. The sun was shining bright, but shining like cold steel. A bitter draught was blowing through the letter box which kindly Postman had managed to prop open. I sat upon the throne, shivering and contemplating life and the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Suddenly, a thought occured to me, floating up from the murky recesses of my mind like a bubble released underwater (think bath time. Oh come on, we’ve all done it!).

Basically, I wet my flowing locks (this is not an euphemism for pissing in one’s pants) and then cut them off with a blunt and rusty scissor. Unfortunately, when my hair dried, it sprung up a couple of inches owing to its curly nature. So what was intended to be a chin-length, Kurt Cobain-cut, ended up as sorry-poodle look. Panic set in. This was a Monday morning. Which could only mean that later on in the day it was going to be a Monday night. And we all know what Monday nights are: Footage Night. (For the uninitiated, The Footage and Firkin is a fine, reputable establishment full of eighteen-year-old students (and us, the wolves amongst the sheep) and is the centre of most of our nefarious doings ) How could I party with hair like this?? Luckily Tracy was on hand to apply a masterful touch to the back of my hair (that’s the hardest bit). Now I’m like Hugh Grant, only my name has different initials. And other letters.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  24 February, 2006

    I thought it looked a bit better after I first saw it. I would not say Hugh Grant but it looks acceptable really!

  2. I used to do that when I was little. Just for the hell of it really. Annoying the parents was an added bonus. I have some gorgeous primary school pics of myself with a single tuft of hair sticking out of my barnet.


  3. Photographic evidence?! Let us be the judge of whether it’s Hugh Grant or Hugh Laurie. 😛

  4. It's me

     /  25 February, 2006

    Do like your hair 🙂

  5. jesssy

     /  25 February, 2006

    Oh who gives a xxxx! 😛

  6. Helgi

     /  1 March, 2006

    Dude, you have to post a pic, at least send me one.
    I’m not sure about Hugh Grant but I’m sure you are doing better with the 18 year olds at Footage 😉

  7. 18 year olds? You must be mistaking me for someone else, Dear Reader. I dunno nothing about no 18 year olds. PS. I’m not sure about Hugh Grant either. But he keeps badgering me so. 😛


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