£208 in phone bills!!

Guess who cost me that?? Phone calls to China, that’s what. Yes, February’s phone bill’s just come in. I choose to blame everyone but me. But that’s not it. Texting cost me £22 (I’m not calling them “squideroonies” anymore, because that’s a cute name, and I’m fuming!). And to top it, I was charged 17.5% ABOVE all this, which was a further £30! I wish I could name this super-cheat company, but I’m afraid of legal repercussions, so let’s just call them company, uh, say,.. Voxaphone or something equally random.

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  1. jessy

     /  16 March, 2006

    Well, I asked you not to call me so often! You didn’t listen to me! hm…. 😦

  2. jessy

     /  16 March, 2006

    Yes I have nothing better to do than shit stirring and waiting your post to comment on!

    Anyway now it is your turn to go to my blog and leave your comments!

    By the way, sorry about the bill. Remeber “Happy phone calls to friends are priceless and everything else there is Master Card”.

  3. Adam

     /  16 March, 2006

    Does this mean you have become their poster-child? Surely you must have become one of their ‘special’ customers where they give you loads of cool free stuff knowing that they’ll drain you of cash in the long run.

  4. Us women can be expensive huh? 😉

  5. J: You love that Mastercard quote. I know who you picked it up from.
    A: Wilkommen zu meine Mania
    R: I think you’ll find the grammatically correct way of saying it is “We women can be expensive”. 😛

  6. that sounds like some sort of tracey bill??

    what the hell are doing calling china in any case? WHo you calling? Bing bing?

  7. jessy

     /  20 March, 2006

    Mahesh, there is more than one beauty Bing Bing in China, such as Jessy and someone else! Ask Ina, she might manage to figure out the whole thing!

  8. so naz is calling some porn line?! what the fuck is he doing calling china?

  9. Christ. Why didn’t you use internet telephony? It’s free!


  10. I am not Christ. However, I understand the confusion, daughter. Now repent for your sins.


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