I was browsing round the back of my blog, showing off to Sha how much more control I have over my blog because I pay exorbitant amounts to have it hosted (pennies, actually) and suddenly noticed, number of posts=249. Which means: This is my twohundredandfiftieth post. I can’t believe I’ve had so much to teach, and the world still hasn’t changed much!! Now I know what Jesus must’ve felt like, trying to discipline the Philistines. Ooops, I feel a parable coming on…
There once was a grasshopper, who ate all his food, yeah?

Had a good time yesterday, managed to finally go to Red Chilli, a restaurant I had heard a lot about, but never actually visited. (The last time I wanted dinner with Sha, I called them to book a table and they said they can’t book for less than 8 people. I, not knowing that many people, had to decline. I was assured, however, that seats would be available after a wait of no more than 15 mins. When we turned up it was obviously crammed to the rafters) The food was absolutely gorgeous. I was there with Gareth, after having watched and celebrated Man Utd dominate Arsenal and thrash them 2-0 in the Footage. (Here comes the inevitable revertion to monkey-state – “ROOOOOONEYYY”) We looked quite the dashing couple, with blue jeans and corduroy jackets apiece. I ordered something called Garlicked chicken, which was dry thin strips of crispy coated chicken, tasting very much like Chicken Kiev. But Gareth ordered some lamb in a dark sauce, which was incredibly soft and yummicious. And the egg-fried rice was something I’d happily pawn my grandmother for if she wasn’t already in hock for those marbles that, as a little kid, I just had to have. My joy was doubled by the fact that I ate my whole meal using chopsticks, an accomplishemnt which I attribute to the fact that the alcohol had so numbed me that I wasn’t feeling the pain of my cramped fingers at all!!

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  1. Ioannis

     /  10 April, 2006

    Is this one the basement restaurant with the spicy food?

  2. When you frequent Athens, we shall have to put in an appearance at Yoga Bala for a wicked curry. 🙂

  3. You also show your control by double checking who talks to her on the phone, who sends her text messages?! Maybe?!

  4. So, what is ur nx objective after ‘chopsticking’?? ^.*

  5. Happy 250th post. May there be many more.


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