And he’s off again!!

Once more I am suckered by the charming speak of a big company and start day-dreaming about huge pay raises and happy working atmospheres. But have I applied yet? Why no, first I have to check if I can dig up any dirt about them on Google, because I have to be sure they’re good enough for my one and only sweet little me.
Going driving today, the test date looming close (15th June) and it’s gonna feel good to be back behind the wheel chasing pedestrians who dare to step on tarmac (The Naz is a highly territorial animal and will defend its patch with loud squawkings and the occasional charge)
Looking forward to the Spanish and French (ooo err) giants Barcelona and Arsenal clashing today. Great fun. I’m listening to Virgin Radio online and a song (that’s what it claims to be) going “Come on, Come on, ‘urry up England, Come on” which I assume is referring to England’s forthcoming venture at the World Bowling Championships.

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  1. Not to be un-patriotic or anything, but I’m sure they have more chance at winning the bowling. 🙂

  2. btw: Where your links to all the blogs gone?! We have to buy them now or what?!

  3. The links are there for those who have a pure heart and a clear conscience.

  4. So how do you update them then, if you can’t see them?! 😛


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