The Day of the Jackal

If one (or many, for that matter) were to ask me which film from a bygone era (though not black-and-white film; I simply don’t see the point when I have colour vision) I would like to sit down and watch in its entirety, it is doubtful whether my memory would have recalled this brilliant film. However, this is precisely the film I should chose if the choice were given me, simply because it is firmly based on a brilliant, engaging plot, and the story-telling is concise while the pace is engrossing. And Edward Fox plays a calm, collected, suave assassin without resorting to any overt theatrics, while Michel Lonsdale’s almost hound-like, plodding Inspector Claude Lebel is wonderful to watch.

My (gorgeous) readers may be more familiar with a more recent remake of this film, that went by the name “Jackal” and had Richard Gere and Sidney Poitier hunting Bruce Willis. And this may well serve admirably as a comparison case; where this hollywood version had shootouts galore, the original Jackal is only shown shooting one person, an unfortunate gendarme, before he is mowed down by his antagonist the Inspector Claude Lebel (and there I ruined the plot for you).

The screenplay was adapted from the book of the same name by Frederick Forsyth, of whom I am a big fan. The film remains truthful to the book, and is much the richer for doing so. And a bit of gratuitous nudity never goes amiss, I daresay. 

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  1. jill

     /  13 November, 2006

    take it u watched it over the weekend?

  2. Oh, it can’t be anything on that great classic recommended by Yanni….Bloody Borat! I’m tempted to charge Yanni the price of my ticket!


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