Oxygen of publicity

Thatcher said in 1985 “Democratic nations must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend.”

I don’t think this asphyxiation should be reserved for these chaps alone. In this lala world, there are quite a few others I’d like to see strangulated even more.

Without mentioning them by name (as this gives them further publicity), I believe people should just avoid mentioning these television shows and fake celebrities that have cropped up everywhere like a festering plague, sucking of the abundance of the world and growing evermore redolent in the process.

A typical case of news creating news and gaining momentum each time like a rolling stone that gathers mass was displayed yesterday, where a case of bullying on telelvision somehow resulted in further publicity for a show that, at best, is boring.

Therefore I say in 2007 “Thinking people must try to find ways to starve the ‘celebrities’ and the television producers of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend”

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  1. As long as it is oxygen and not food they’re being starved of…They’re deathly thin enough already!


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