The God Delusion

I’ve just finished reading Richard Dawkins’ book ‘The God delusion’. He believes in atheism and tries to logically prove it. He also blames religion for a lot of ills in the world, and recommends the following,

Children should never be called by any faith name, such as “Christian child” or “Buddhist boy”. They are too young to have made up their minds, and it’s just as ridiculous as saying “Secular girl” and “Neo-Marxist child”

Segregation of children in faith schools should be stopped.

Um..huhh, and something else I’ve forgotten.

He also gives a good expose of the religious right in America (or America’s Taliban as he calls them) and some things they say and believe are truly shocking. All in all a very good read, although the repetition of arguments does get tedious at times and makes the book too big.

Oh, and this is post number 400!

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  1. 400 whole posts Naz?! Well, they do say it’s not the size but the quality. I dunno what that says for my 1008 posts. 😛

    Naz responds:- Unfortunately I’m going to have to agree with you on that. The quantity of your posts more than makes up for the lack of quality. 😛


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