St George’s Day

Happy St George’s Day all, the day that celebrates a Saint killing a dragon (there’s some deep symbology there that has evaded me I suspect). I suggest we all find ourselves a dragon to barbeque. Apparently it’s also the date Shakespeare died and possibly the date he was born as well.

I’ve been following a discussion on The Telegraph’s online pages about how the English should celebrate this hallowed(?) day. Unfortunately this discussion is open to the public, so there’s a good dose of nutters and offensive people with bad spelling reflecting their intelligence and/or breeding.

The main groups of comment can be illustrated as follows:-

1. “Immigrants! Bah!”
2. “Let’s just all hold hands and kiss some flowers together”
3. “I’m not a racist, I listen to Miles Davis, but…”
4. “How many St. George’s does it take to change a lightbulb?”
5. “Shoot Gordon Brown”

And as usual, my favourites the pedantic who lumber on with care for nothing but accuracy, ACCURACY!

6. “I think you’ll find that in 1345 the Duchy of Normandy was technically an outpost of the Princedom of Monrovia, due to the provisions of the Genoa Treaty signed just a decade earlier by the disposed Earl (under circumstances that some even at the time called suspect due to the involvement of Lawrence of Arabia and Harry Potter) who still maintained fiefdom by virtue of his marriage to the heiress…”

What a wonderfully divisive thing debate can be!

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