It’s a Copout!!

In the spirit of the last post I wrote on our company go-karting trip, let me add another few keywords to describe our outing to Mottram Hall for It’s a Knockout on Wednesday!! It was a great day out, and people who were there will know exactly who/what I’m talking about when I mention…

Whining: this is how most teams expected to win.

Ineptitude: most people displayed it, one person really enjoyed it.

Defeat: medals only went to one team. We came fourth.

Give up: the tug-of-war immediately springs to mind.

Disloyalty: I had to wear a giant costume for the team’s enjoyment.

Teamwork: the perennial buzzword.

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  1. Do you have photographic evidence of you in this costume?!

    naz responds: They’re floating around on the company web somewhere. I shall endeavour to get some choice examples, especially the one with Ioan upside down heading the wrong way.


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