My Life in Books

It wouldn’t seem like an idea that would get the nod from a TV producer nowadays: a programme with people just sitting and talking about books. No special effects, no loud shouting, no insane plot lines. Just two notable people coming on each week and talking about the five books that they feel influenced their life the most. But of course, this is the BBC; maker of the best programmes in the world. see My Life in Books

Anne ‘Weakest Link’ Robinson plays the host, walking the two guests through the books that were significant to them at various stages in their lives; childhood, puberty, adulthood; joy, sorrow, hardship. Guests included Alastair Campbell, Peter and Dan Snow, Robert Harris, P.D. James, Sue Perkins, Sarah Millican, Larry Lamb…

Some really great books cropped up, books that I’ve enjoyed and love as well i.e. Richmal Crompton’s Just William series, Robinson Crusoe, The Count of Monte Christo, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Hungry Caterpillar…

As a bibliophile myself, it was beautiful and moving to see people really cherishing their books; author Robert Harris had his ‘Just William’ from when he was 7, with his name and address on the flyleaf. And he’s almost 54 now!

It obviously led me to think what books I would choose, so I’ll randomly write the first books that come to mind, and then maybe rank them.

Frank Herbert’s Dune (The series), Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, David Attenborough’s My Life on Air, J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Joseph Heller’s Catch 22, Barack Obama’s Dreams from my Father, Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, Steph Swainston’s Castle books, Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated, Martin Amis’ The Rachel Papers, Richmal Crompton’s Just William (The series), Herge’s Tintin, Goscinny & Uderzo’s Asterix and Obelix, Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun also Rises, Iain (M) Banks (all), Charles Bukowski’s Factotum, Irvine Welsh (all), G.D.Roberts’ Shantaram, ……..(to be continued).

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