It’s all about me


    I was born in Hope Hospital, Salford, UK on the xxth of October, 1977.
    I lived in Kuwait while I was young, studying at New English School, Jabriya.
    Finished my education in Bangalore, India, where I graced St. John’s High School and St. Joseph’s Pre-University College.
    Left to Moscow to study medicine at the 2nd Medical University “Lomonosov”.
    Returned to the UK in July 2000.
    Studied at City College Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester Business School.
    I’m currently a Business Analyst at an overseas property development consultancy.

My most recent academic qualification was a Specialist Masters in a UK business school. I acheived an MSc with Merit in Information Systems, Organisations and Management. You can see my Curriculum Vitae here, after you’ve obtained the password from me at  If you’re a fan of Tolkien’s masterpiece, it’s the same password used to enter Moria.

I play the drums nowhere near as well as my kid sister, Yasmin. I love rock-climbing which I picked up in Germany and practised in Italy but haven’t done much about it in the UK since the Salford Uni Wall Climb with UMHC. I love hiking and the Peak District is absolutely captivating me at the moment. I’ve also joined a few cycling clubs to discover the Manchester surrounds. I’ve also picked up a bit of snow-boarding and dream about the powder.

I’ve been reading books since I was in my nappies, unfortunately that was when I was ten years old! I love sci-fi and I’m trying some autobiographies as well (apart from business and property news). I speak English, Russian, Hindi, and a bit of German & Spanish. I used to know a bit of Arabic from my schooling in Kuwait and can still read it, but most of it is lost to me now.

I love travelling, just back from Tallinn, Estonia. Previous to that was Beautiful Spain, San Sebastian and the San Fermin bull-running at Pamplona, France, Nice and the Cote d’Axur, then Barcelona, bike-riding around India, dune-bashing in Dubai and snow boarding in Italy. Previous trips include Sardegna with old classmates, before which was Athens and the island of Andros, and Munich for Oktoberfest ’05. Amsterdam is a favourite haunt of mine. I’ve got swimming Monday nights and badminton Wednesday nights, regular as clockwork now except when United are playing in Europe on Wed. Apart from that I play five-a-side football and the occasional 10 7 5 2 1 mile run to keep me going.

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