Odds and sundries

I heard this said of a car:- “It has more computing power than took man to the moon”. Which sounds great untill you realise what exactly the computing power that took man to the moon was. As I trawl google now, I see that nobody really has a clue either, but that’s not stopping them from using this phrase.

We had a nice dinner at Rusholme yesterday, Bingboula, Jessy, Shasha, Dmitri, Ioannis, Rayk and I. This Sanam sweet place was good enough, but I must say the food wasn’t upto Sangam standards. Ah, once you’ve had the best, it’s difficult to accept sub-standard fare. But we had a good laugh, and time just flew past us. Which led me to think of how I’ll miss some people when they’re not around. I managed to snap a few photos; I think a photo gallery might make its way onto this site soon (depending on how busy my I.T. Support team is).

Managed to get some shoes to replace my aging trainers yesterday with the help of my friends; that appears to be just about the extent of my Xmas shopping this year. Although I suspect I might slip in a cheeky little spree if anyone else is going round. Oh, and I got my first Xmas card yesterday as well, thank you!!

Going to play squash now; there’s three of us and we’ve booked two courts, so I guess there’ll be a lot of tomfoolery going on unless we find someone there to join in. Then we’ll cook a meal together and hit the cinemas. I fancy King Kong (the movie, not the bloke in the gorilla costume) /)

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  1. Ioannis

     /  18 December, 2005

    That indian meal was great indeed. And it reminded me of how much time we could have had if we were all in Manchester. Studying abroad has this generic problem – you are never at your place. People come and go…


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