Nobel Laureates born today

Totally bucking the trend the 20th of October has seen 2 female and 1 male Nobel Laureates born.

in 2004 for Literature
> Elfriede Jelinek

in 1995 for Physiology or Medicine
> Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard

and in 1935 for Physics our dear Mancunian Neutron-Discoverer
> James Chadwick

Go look up the real celebrities born on your birthday at the Nobel Laureates pages

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Footballer.

Been reading a lot of le Carre recently, a man who takes the spy novel to literary heights not seen or expected in the genre. And just noticed Carlos Tevez is back in the news again causing disruption at City.


It was the incident of 29th september, 2011 that gave the proof, though the F.A had no means of knowing this.

…The man with the scar stepped out of the restaurant and paused in the doorway. The pool of light from the restaurant behind him shadowed his eyes as he scanned the rain-drenched cobbles, hazily reflecting the yellow halos of the street lights. Bueno. In his long Gucci leather coat with rabbit-skin lapels, he didn’t look out of place on the pedestrian walkways off Manchester’s Deansgate. But he was a long way away from the sun-drenched pampas, the hectic night-life in the alleys of his native Buenos Aires. He consulted the luminous dial of his Breitling. It was time. From an inner pocket he produced a white handkerchief, and, with a casual flourish of his left hand, raised it to wipe his brow. The click of a lighter from a doorway 200 yards away replied as the chimes from the not-too-distant Victorian Town Hall sounded the hour.


This was the man Fergie called his second-best. And the Iron Glaswegian Fergie gave no first spots. Trained in the Western camps in the age-old crafts of disruption and disinformation by the very best of the Counter-Intelligence Services in Aberdeen and Old Trafford, Fergie was a war-scarred veteran of battles in foreign lands, asking no quarter and certainly giving none. But now his imperious gaze was settled on a rising menace from the Eastlands, an Italian firm settling uneasily under the Arab influence. His plan was coming to fruition, a plan whose preparation denies measurement by any ordinary scale. And now he was sending his second-best across the East-West divide.

Past Checkpoint Charlie.

Past salvation, where even his greatest victory, his triumph of deception would still end in personal tragedy.

The man with the scar had come to accept his martyrdom. For the cause. For this was what it was all about.

It was all about the Red Devils.

n.b. Carlos Tevez is an Argentine footballer playing in the English Premier League. He played for, amongst other, ‘Red Devils’ Manchester United from where he was sold to bitter rivals and pretenders Manchester City.

n.n.b. My style is deliberately derivative.