I think I’ve a post missing. The one about the animated movie “Tales from Earthsea” with K at the Cornerhouse on the 17th. I’m particularly gutted because not only was this an event I would like to have had recorded, but I also felt I had written a blisteringly good critique of the film.

Anyhoo, it’s Friday. And I’ve had an idea for the company website that can be blisteringly good as well as being blisteringly unique. The thing is, there are a few possible hitches in the idea that could blow it out the water, and I’ve been recommended to mock up a prototype to show the MD rather than pitch the idea itself. And that involves diverting some resources. Let me have a think…

Work? What work?

Finally found some time to write a few lines.

Lots of interesting work flying in at the moment, no two hours are the same. Plus we have a good laugh getting it done. Had my first one-on-one, mano a mano mini consultation with the MD about payment plans for a new development in Dubai; I felt it went quite well thanks to some advice and preparedness. I also learned what info he looks for now so my reports will be better.

Had a wonderful night out from work on Wednesday; dindin at Cinn Oriental in Wilmslow with free booze. There was a good turnout and it was interesting to see work colleagues let their hair down (to say the least!). Some presentations were made, amongst which Ioannis was voted “Lothario of xxxxx Property” because of his sly chatting up!! We ended up at a local pub smoking shisha and talking nonsense till all hours of the night.

Meanwhile, if you like to have some background music while working check out I’ve fallen in love with this station, which plays “ass kicking Blues and Blues Rock”.


At work I’m now supposed to write weekly web-reports for public consumption about the markets. From the viewpoint of an Expert. I guess as part of my job I’m pretty well tuned in to what’s going down in the -hood because of the constant banter and googling. We shall see.

Any suggestions on how I should approach this? The idea behind the reports is to establish our company’s credentials as a market leader with clear insight into the vagaries of the overseas property market, thereby building a client relationship where we can advise on investments.

Need I say more?

Information is moving–you know, nightly news is one way, of course, but it’s also moving through the blogosphere and through the Internets.
–George w. Bush

Just do it later

Back from Sardegna after a most beautiful trip that was simply the bestest ever! It was heart-breaking to leave the beach. I have a souveneir t-shirt that says “Just do it later” with a man sleeping on the swoosh sign.

Opened my front door at 01:00 today and slept on the sofa. Work started early and looks to finish late today; it’s 18:00 and I’m still here. Knackered!

Later:- And I forgot to mention my “Made in China” glasses came apart at Liverpool airport as we were queueing to check-in, which prompted a whole section of the queue to walk around staring at the floor. So I spent my holidays on topless beaches without being able to see owt! Talk about falling into a barrel of tits and coming up sucking your thumb!

Sardinia this Saturday

Can’t wait to go to Alghero. I shall only be taking my sandals, shorts, couple of t-shirts and sun block. Hope there are no fires, because the whole of Southern Europe seems to be burning at the moment. The Fellowship this time is composed of Ioannie, Jill, Paulo, Rob, Rayk, Tinks and Moi.

Had a good time last weekend, Saturday was nice and sunny so a game of footie in the park with Bryan and Co. followed by gin and lemonades at Uluru in Chorlton. Then went to see Rob at Jimmie’s BBQ party on Anson Road, which was an absolute blast. Managed to catch up with Yuri and Mo as well as loads of other pals and had loads of burgers, Captain Morgan’s (“Salute the Captain!!”) and beer. A spot of rain didn’t dampen no spirits.