At work I’m now supposed to write weekly web-reports for public consumption about the markets. From the viewpoint of an Expert. I guess as part of my job I’m pretty well tuned in to what’s going down in the -hood because of the constant banter and googling. We shall see.

Any suggestions on how I should approach this? The idea behind the reports is to establish our company’s credentials as a market leader with clear insight into the vagaries of the overseas property market, thereby building a client relationship where we can advise on investments.

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  1. Does your boss ever read your blog? 😛

  2. jessy

     /  14 August, 2007

    So it is bullshitting, right? I am sure you can do it!

  3. hi

     /  15 August, 2007

    Hi Naz, did you get my msg on facebook? Are you having difficulties? If so, we can sort something out, let me know!

  4. i am so shocked that you cut your hair!! what is that all about?

  5. He’s going for the ‘professional business man’ look. 😛

  6. jessy

     /  20 August, 2007

    hi hi, what are you guys sorting out?!


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