Work? What work?

Finally found some time to write a few lines.

Lots of interesting work flying in at the moment, no two hours are the same. Plus we have a good laugh getting it done. Had my first one-on-one, mano a mano mini consultation with the MD about payment plans for a new development in Dubai; I felt it went quite well thanks to some advice and preparedness. I also learned what info he looks for now so my reports will be better.

Had a wonderful night out from work on Wednesday; dindin at Cinn Oriental in Wilmslow with free booze. There was a good turnout and it was interesting to see work colleagues let their hair down (to say the least!). Some presentations were made, amongst which Ioannis was voted “Lothario of xxxxx Property” because of his sly chatting up!! We ended up at a local pub smoking shisha and talking nonsense till all hours of the night.

Meanwhile, if you like to have some background music while working check out I’ve fallen in love with this station, which plays “ass kicking Blues and Blues Rock”.

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  1. Ah, so now Yanni’s post makes sense. Is this a ploy you have now so that we read both your blogs? 😛


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