British Stranger

Just read a story on the BBC web about a 16-month-old kid in Florida, U.S.A. who fell from a balcony and was caught by a British lady. Great deed, well done,..
A couple of comments:-

> If I’d just saved a baby, I still wouldn’t want it mentioned in the papers if it meant they were also going to say it happened poolside at “Econo Lodge hotel”

> Who names their kid “Jah-Nea”?

> The headlines from a few news agencies. The first four run with ‘Brit’; note how CBS differs from the others:

Daily Express – ‘Briton saves hotel plunge toddler’
3 hrs ago

Reuters UK – ‘British tourist saves toddler in four-storey fall’
8 hrs ago

Telegraph – ‘Briton catches toddler who fell from fourth-floor balcony’
9 hrs ago

MSNBC – ‘British tourist saves baby in 4-story Fla. fall’
9 hrs ago

CBS News – ‘Toddler falls from balcony, caught by stranger’
16 hrs ago

Licherchure (aka Literature)

..a bit happy with meself, after having read some of the best books of me life in such a short span.

Peter Hoeg: Mrs. Smilla’s feeling for snow. Indescribably unique. I loved the anti-heroine that was Smilla, her talents, attributes, and the toughness!.. definitely a fan.

Graham Greene: The end of the affair. My first Greene, some references I might’ve missed, but all the more poignant (and dare I say “timeless”) because of that.

Haruki Murakami: The Wind-up bird chronicle. Seemed like a hefty task to begin with, but the simple poetry of the narrative keeps you hoooked. I never had so many random strangers talking to me about a book/author they loved.

Greg Egan: Oceanic, Crystal Nights. And Science fiction used to have a ‘margin of uncertainity’; the difference between what could happen and what might actually happen. This fucker just blew that up.