British Stranger

Just read a story on the BBC web about a 16-month-old kid in Florida, U.S.A. who fell from a balcony and was caught by a British lady. Great deed, well done,..
A couple of comments:-

> If I’d just saved a baby, I still wouldn’t want it mentioned in the papers if it meant they were also going to say it happened poolside at “Econo Lodge hotel”

> Who names their kid “Jah-Nea”?

> The headlines from a few news agencies. The first four run with ‘Brit’; note how CBS differs from the others:

Daily Express – ‘Briton saves hotel plunge toddler’
3 hrs ago

Reuters UK – ‘British tourist saves toddler in four-storey fall’
8 hrs ago

Telegraph – ‘Briton catches toddler who fell from fourth-floor balcony’
9 hrs ago

MSNBC – ‘British tourist saves baby in 4-story Fla. fall’
9 hrs ago

CBS News – ‘Toddler falls from balcony, caught by stranger’
16 hrs ago

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