Extrapolation is a beautiful word. It comes from the Romany aggregation of the famous philosopher Extrapo Nemensis and the Latin –ation meaning “belonging to”. And they banged an “l” in between to make it scan nicely.

To me, it describes the amazing functioning of the human mind that, with enough data accumulated on a given situation, can predict/understand/act upon another, similar situation without having to know every particular of that latter situation.

As someone put it, imagine the relief of not having to check for gravity every morning before getting out of bed. And this does not mean that we know gravity “will be there”, we’ve just accumulated enough data about gravity to extrapolate that it’s not going anywhere. (Of course, I realise that if you have to get out of bed in the morning, you already know that gravity is pretty much switched on. Stop being persnickety!!)

Now I’ve seen it all

I have received a spam e-mail advertising spam detection software. And I guess in a weird way it does make sense. I did receive the spam, therefore I must be in need of spam detection software.

Snap 2

I’m trying my best to make my snap more user-friendly for you. Does the little window that pops up when you hover over an external link annoy you? If so, I can put a special logo next to the link that you can hover over if you want the snap preview window.

As Bush said “It’s your money. You paid for it”

It’s personal

I was pleasantly surprised when the sudoku in today’s Mancheter Evening News put up more of a fight than usual. Of course, the end result was inevitable, but I was tiring of the easy sudokus they usually set.

I see any such puzzle as a personal thing between me and the paper. I mutter phrases like “So this is how you’re gonna play it, eh?” and “I’ll grind you down slowly, neveryoumind”.

In tbe news, women tennisists are going to get equal money at Wimbledon.

And I watched Snakes on a Plane (a movie about snakes on a plane) and Miami Vice. Both were so awful I’m considering slowly gouging my own eyes out with the wrong end of a rusty screwdriver. 

Poor Lil Lille

A very poor display by Manchester United yesterday away against Lille. They were very lucky to get three points out of the match. Or I should rather say Lille were very hard done by the referree to have a goal disallowed and then Giggsy’s free kick against them allowed. I really understood their frustration. One of their players (Greek) said in the post-match interview that they lost because they aren’t a big club like Man Utd and therefore decisions don’t go their way. It sure seemed like that yesterday.

We had a great Moroccan meat stew at Ali’s while watching the game. Yummy!

We made a Pig’s Ear of it!

As you all know, this Sunday was the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Pig. So the usual suspects (Jill, Jessy, Kaitlyn, Tracy, Sha, Adam, Dmitri, Gareth, Ioannis, Paulo, Simon & moi) gathered at Jill’s luxurious and well-appointed (two microwaves, three fridges) penthouse flat to celebrate. Some of us cooked, some brought booze, and some sponsored dessert.

My imaginative and amazingly spiced chicken chilli went head-to-head against Simon’s more conventional, staid, traditional, boring beef chilli. Let’s just say that there were no losers. And let’s also remind Simon that no-one remembers the second guy on the moon.

Ioannis made a ham n shroom bake, Tracy brought prawns and special sauce, Jessy had a beef dish, Jill made dumplings and sticky sweet, and Sha brought a wonderful cake. We even had fortune cookies!

It was nice to have an good old ISOM bash and as usual it was a rip-roaring success. Reflecting upon which, I realise that a full SIX of yesterday’s revellers were outsiders, successful infiltrators of our close-knit community. What is the world coming to??

Happy new year guys and gals!

The Secret

We dance round in a ring and suppose,

But the Secret sits in the middle amd knows.

-Robert Frost


Did anybody see the episode of Dragon’s Den where the smiling rasta fella called “Levi Roots” (er.. Keith, actually) came on with his guitar to get money for his Reggae Reggae Sauce?

I find myself singing the song all the time now, albeit in the wrong key. Not only that, but I want to try this sauce and see what it’s like. I usually use Encona, and Tabasco, but I’d love that Jerk/Barbecue sauce he was advertising. After all, it’s so good he had to name it twice! Looking it up on google, I see he’s become quite a talking point amongst people mirroring my sentiment.

Damn you Keith and your infectious jingle!!

A new beginning!

Yes, I’ve finally moved over to g-mail. As you know I’ve been experimenting with Hotmail Live for a while, it’s simply not good enough. Plus I get the uneasy feeling that my messages are going missing, because I have newsletters pouring in with jobs everyday except for the last two days, where all has gone quiet.

The new e-mail address couldn’t be simpler to remember; it’s linked to my blog. So you can now g-mail me at contact@nazmania.co.uk The sooner you drop me a line, the sooner you’ll be in my new, elite list of pals.

There will a short period of total mayhem while I switch over, not least because of the huge number of contacts and old mail that will need sorting out, plus the usual teething problems. My first priority is going to be switching all the job search engines over to my new address.

Not a bad day, not a bad day at all!

Sha came over yesterday, and while she had a nap my legendary cooking skills were put to work to whip up a spicy chicken korma (I’ve still got some leftovers!). Then we sat and watched a brilliant Bolton v Arsenal FA Cup 4th round game that went all the way to extra time. A real edge-of-the-seat nail-biter which Arsenal eventually won.

My inbox is strangely empty today, so I suspect this Hotmail Beta thingy has messed up again. It seems to delight in telling me that I have no new messages, in the tone of “You ain’t got none an’ you ain’t never gonna have none neither!!”

I thought of going to Halifax today to open an account because I foolishly believed that they were giving away £100 to any idiot like myself who opened an account. Of course the proviso was that I have to put in £1000 each month! Yeah, and why don’t I eliminate World Poverty while I’m at it?

Have to go get my eyesight tested, and look for replacement specs. I’ve had mine for oh 3 years I guess, and the frame finally gave way. So now I’m walking around with a benevolent smile and a short-sighted squint that marks me down instantly as an oaf.