Snap 2

I’m trying my best to make my snap more user-friendly for you. Does the little window that pops up when you hover over an external link annoy you? If so, I can put a special logo next to the link that you can hover over if you want the snap preview window.

As Bush said “It’s your money. You paid for it”

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  1. Yasso

     /  23 February, 2007,,2017953,00.html


    Naz responds:- How ironic. I didn’t click on your link; I used snap to preview the article that was rubishing snap. Also, technology shouldn’t be about what somebody tells you is good or bad, but how it fits into your usage patterrn. I love snap!

  2. funny, when u said snap all i could think about was the “bend and snap” routine from Legally Blonde (1&2). Obviously a joke only Tinks will understand. I suggest these 2 movies for next Orange Weds, surely they can’t be worse than Snakes on a Plane.

    Naz responds:- Snakes on a Plane?? ahh, you mean the movie I watched where there were snakes on a plane! And fyi you can quote anything from Zoolander, but Legally Blond (a movie about a girl who’s Legal and Blonde, I presume) I haven’t seen yet.

  3. Poor snap, he is only doing his job…

    Geegee 😛

  4. Tinks

     /  28 February, 2007

    As soon as I read the “Bend and snap” routine I no longer need to see who wrote it. Love it!!!

    And wots this orange wed business??? First, there was Ioannie, then Naz, and now Jill???


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