It’s personal

I was pleasantly surprised when the sudoku in today’s Mancheter Evening News put up more of a fight than usual. Of course, the end result was inevitable, but I was tiring of the easy sudokus they usually set.

I see any such puzzle as a personal thing between me and the paper. I mutter phrases like “So this is how you’re gonna play it, eh?” and “I’ll grind you down slowly, neveryoumind”.

In tbe news, women tennisists are going to get equal money at Wimbledon.

And I watched Snakes on a Plane (a movie about snakes on a plane) and Miami Vice. Both were so awful I’m considering slowly gouging my own eyes out with the wrong end of a rusty screwdriver. 

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  1. At least in your insanity you’re still exercizing your brain. 😛

  2. Yasso

     /  23 February, 2007

    You watched Miami Vice too??
    I spent the second half LAUGHING MANICALLY with my friend cause there was ABSOLUTELY nothing we else to do… and we thought the situation we were in rather funny… we had three movies to choose from. Obviously we chose the worst one in town… sigh..

  3. Tinks

     /  28 February, 2007

    It chuckles me the way you talk to your japanese challengers.

    Dam right women should get the same money, its about time!!! But then they should also be playing best out of 5!!!

    Snakes on a plane??? What kinda snakes and what type of plane??? intrigued… “Tell me more, tell me more, did you get very far???”


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