Will I be a Half-Mucker?

Yesterday was the official start of my preparation for Stagey’s stag-do weekend.
The RatRace DirtyWeekend Half-Mucker is 13 miles and 150 obstacles of assault-course mud-running.
It’s on Sat the 11th of May.
I.e. in 12 days.
I think I’ve left sufficient time to prepare(!)

In actual fact, yesterday’s preparation involved
a) driving to Decathlon to get a phone/ipod armband.
b) mapping out a training route on GoogleMaps(tm).
c) watching Jen laugh at me as my chances of completing the challenge became obvious.

However this morning I rose at 6 am and did my first 5-mile run/walk since beating Kebede that other time..
No, I will NOT tell you how long it took me.
But at least I managed it.

Differential gear in a car.

I came across this link from the Cheap Talk blog:
It is the best description and explanation of a differential gear I have seen, a 5 minute video that makes it very intuitive to understand.

Check it out: How a Differential Gear works