The chickens come home to roost

Tony “The Lapdog” Blair will be facing questions all day today regarding decisions made to send troops in to invade Iraq. So far the questions haven’t been very probing; he’s been allowed to ramble on about his opinions by a rather deferential Chilcot & Co. and seems to be in control of the proceedings even. Let’s see if he can (ever) be held accountable for his actions and if this time he can call in some favours from his pals in high places (there must be quite a few Lords owing him one) and find a weasely way out.

After all, it might set a bad precedent if our leaders had to explain their decisions..

On another front, can’t wait for Snowboarding Sunday! We shall be visiting the beautiful, staggering slopes of Val d’Trafford and make the run down the bone-crunching Le Chill Factore. Shoop shoop baby!

Long time no sea

been out-of-sight-out-of-mind for a while. here are a few snippets, in the order i recall them:

1) avatar. one heck of a film an experience. my first 3D film, IMAXed it and sat with goggles over my customary goggles, and didn’t fidget for the entire two-and-a-half hours or so. more to my surprise, i was told i didn’t even make any sarky comments (obviously apart from identifying, for everybody’s benefit, the analogies being drawn from humanity’s chequered history).

2) dawkins. bought ‘the god delusion’ and the second reading has me thinking that perhaps i’m not agnostic (because i thought a true scientist would not assert an absence of a thing without definitive proof) but athesist (because gods are more hassle to explain than any other hypothesis). jury’s out on that one.

3) m2. got increased memory for my phone/walkman (yes that w word dates me) and am rollicking in choice, choice. no dj in the world would go from toto to chapman, ozzy to police, wishbone ash to e.s.t. also bought again the superlative enigma trilogy album after “somebody” kept my first which i loaned them. “somebody else” should also remember who the annie lennox ‘diva’ cd belongs to, as should “somebody else else” bring themself around to return carl sagan’s ‘cosmos’. you know who you are. the view i take on it (after the initial cussing because of the loss) is “damn, i’ve got good taste for people wanting to keep my books and music”. then i auto-fellate.

4) bulls. will be running with them, or being chased by them to be more accurate. pamplona, ready or not, here we come. anything to avoid being hit, chased, accosted or otherwise molested by tomatoes.

5) ligament. recurring ailment of (what appears to be) the lateral collateral ligament of my left knee due to ice-related slippage.

6) birthday. missed my darling sas’s. what kind of a cad would do that? i mean totally dolally forgot. i was expecting a dressing down, which would be severe. but ‘understanding’? oooh, i’m in for a decade of winters.

7) risk. it’s a strategy game. wine helps the playing. mebbe not the winning therefore it of.

8) scots. more of that should be coming up, watch this url. suffice to say i love them.

and missing the frankie boyle.