The chickens come home to roost

Tony “The Lapdog” Blair will be facing questions all day today regarding decisions made to send troops in to invade Iraq. So far the questions haven’t been very probing; he’s been allowed to ramble on about his opinions by a rather deferential Chilcot & Co. and seems to be in control of the proceedings even. Let’s see if he can (ever) be held accountable for his actions and if this time he can call in some favours from his pals in high places (there must be quite a few Lords owing him one) and find a weasely way out.

After all, it might set a bad precedent if our leaders had to explain their decisions..

On another front, can’t wait for Snowboarding Sunday! We shall be visiting the beautiful, staggering slopes of Val d’Trafford and make the run down the bone-crunching Le Chill Factore. Shoop shoop baby!

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  1. ioannis

     /  29 January, 2010

    Its a cliche. A botched enquiry that costs millions, has no measurable or executable outcome, and is mocked by the people who it’s meant to expose.

    naz responds:- Apparently Blair was the only lawyer present there. No-one else was trained in cross-examination! That’s like sending Mother Teresa to capture Mike Tyson.


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