The Economist in Bolton

Quote of the day from a newsagent in Bolton when asked if he had a copy of the latest Economist:

“You won’t find The Economist in Bolton mate.”

To a follow up question regarding the availability, for purchase, of a copy of New Scientist he said:


A bored game

Imagine a popular (once-popular but still famous, perhaps) family board-game. Let’s say, Monopoly. Pleasant enough entertainment for a rainy afternoon indoors, one might imagine. After all, the opportunity to triumph over one’s fellow contestants must set one’s blood coarsing.

But imagine a game of monopoly where this important, indeed central, element is absent! The game is interminable; with the possibility of triumph removed is devoid of any purpose and pleasure. Now imagine, if you can, not even playing such an accursed game, but being compelled to witness somebody else play this game! And play it badly! Moreover, being compelled for over eight and a half hours a day, five days a week to witness this, imagine still that you are powerless to even comment on the futility and absurdity of it all!

This must be torture indeed!

ProDerma, AntiAgeing, Gentler FriendlyBacteria Technology(tm)

While flicking through the telly yesterday I caught sight of an advert that looked a lot like those ads for slim cigarettes we used to see. By which I mean cool, sophisticated lifestyle ads.

I did a double take when I undertood what was actually being advertised. It was an injection! Yes ladies and gentlefolk, we now have an advert for a cosmetic injection on our tellies at 9 o’clock in the evening! The Juvederm Ultra is marketed as the “gentler, comfortable injection” which means that they have somehow acheived what years of medical science has not been able to!

I haven’t checked, but I’m sure it contains some kind of pseudo-scientific “PRO-something” or “ANTI-something” or “DERMA-something “”technology” or “bacteria” or some other hoax.

Oh, and it’s available from your nearest “medical aesthetic practitioner”; whatever that pseudo-job title actually means.

Take me away from here!!!!!!

“Busy? You tell me, Sista!”

Crammed a lot of action in since my last post.

So, in no particular order:-

Went Ape at Go Ape in Poole’s Cavern, Buxton. Fellow chimps were Saadia and Nina. Tarzan’s leap and zip-lining backwards are highlights, vids of us being daft should be up on Arsebook soon enough. You must have a go, see website (NOT Pub lunch in Buxton, Chicken pasta Alfredo washed down with a pint of Abbot’s Ale. And roast dindin at Saadia’s later with Ioan, Jess and Rob to say bye-byes to Nina going back to Germany to work so the Euro funding can continue to flow.

Lounge 31 in town got a look-in over the weekend with Rob and Kenyan mates after lubrication in Chorlton’s The Pub got a bit out of hand.

Belter of a footie match, no not United/Porto, but the Scouse/Chelski one. Chelski through on aggregate 7-5 after the 4-4 thriller. United are also in the semis, obviously! (Who was all – “No English team has ever one in Portugal before”?) Oh, almost forgot, I went to see the Man U Porto one last week!

Also had BBQ at the Verdelis’s, a half sunny-half rainy affair, feeding fishies to the cat. We all had a good chin wag and went bowling at Parrs Wood later, where I won once!!

Website designing is back with a bang, should be up and running just in time for when our ad comes out in glam rag Lancashire Life. Signs are going up next week. Photo shoot needs completing now the studio lights and tripod are here. CRM needs beta-testing. Real Biz Dev is finally happening.

Oh, and trying to dust and arrange all the music I own in Compact Disc format. Hercules had it easy, I tell thee!

Play and rewind

Here’s an unusual post. Even for me.

I often listen to a song and remember a person who introduced me to that music, or was around when I heard it. Now I owe a lot to other people influencing me during my formative years for my eclectic (well, if not eclectic, then wide-ranging) taste in music. So I decided to list the song-person links that I can remember (work ongoing). I’ve of course left my sister out because we share way too many songs.

Dire Straits/Clapton – Our Man (Rajiv Menon)
Frank Zappa – Thomas Majlath
Slayer – Khaled
Rush – Akki
Bad Company – Shivani Sharma
Faith No More/Mr. Jones (Counting Crows) – Lena Subbotina
Angie (Rolling Stones) – Alicia
Holy Smoke (Iron Maiden) – Hubert D’Mello
Try (Nelly Furtado) – Lena Kubin
Ojos de Brujo – Lara Lopez
Lady Jane (Queensryche) – Crazy Russian Fella who had to sing this every time

and finally

Ghulam Ali/Simon&Garfunkel/Mehdi Hassan/Stevie Wonder/Cat Stevens – Dad

——–continuous update———

Getting away with it (James) – Ioannis Verdelis
Demis Roussos – Konstantinos Charalampous
Beirut Hal Zarafat (Fairouz), Halleluljah (Jeff Buckley), Canto della Terra (Andrea Bocelli) – Ali
Estrella Morente – Raul Martin

Catching up with catching up

Has been a long weekend. Saturday’s drive to Brighton / Eastbourne and back was exhausting, and having woken up at 5 am I had planned to hit the sack early. Then at 10 I get a call to go to Fallowfield for ‘trinken’ at The Gin Club w Ioan, Jess, Hannah and Kat. Had a few caipirinhos and mojitos and made it home for 3 am. After 4 hours sleep it was up again to head to the Peak district. We did the Longdendale Trail in glorious weather, and rounded it off with a great pub lunch in the Peel’s Arms, Padfield (with Doom Bar ale, Sharps Brewery). Still have to finish reading/correcting Karen’s 200-page PhD dissertation that I started on the Saturday drive.

Oh, and obviously I’m off to see the Man United v Porto match today; should be great after the heart-stopper 3-2 against Villa on Sunday. Last-minute wonder-goal scorer Macheda will start on the bench, I’m told.