Play and rewind

Here’s an unusual post. Even for me.

I often listen to a song and remember a person who introduced me to that music, or was around when I heard it. Now I owe a lot to other people influencing me during my formative years for my eclectic (well, if not eclectic, then wide-ranging) taste in music. So I decided to list the song-person links that I can remember (work ongoing). I’ve of course left my sister out because we share way too many songs.

Dire Straits/Clapton – Our Man (Rajiv Menon)
Frank Zappa – Thomas Majlath
Slayer – Khaled
Rush – Akki
Bad Company – Shivani Sharma
Faith No More/Mr. Jones (Counting Crows) – Lena Subbotina
Angie (Rolling Stones) – Alicia
Holy Smoke (Iron Maiden) – Hubert D’Mello
Try (Nelly Furtado) – Lena Kubin
Ojos de Brujo – Lara Lopez
Lady Jane (Queensryche) – Crazy Russian Fella who had to sing this every time

and finally

Ghulam Ali/Simon&Garfunkel/Mehdi Hassan/Stevie Wonder/Cat Stevens – Dad

——–continuous update———

Getting away with it (James) – Ioannis Verdelis
Demis Roussos – Konstantinos Charalampous
Beirut Hal Zarafat (Fairouz), Halleluljah (Jeff Buckley), Canto della Terra (Andrea Bocelli) – Ali
Estrella Morente – Raul Martin

Sarkozy you lucky B@$&£!)

I saw the French President’s wife model / chanteuse Carla Bruni on Jools Holland’s Later Live yesterday.

Yes I would!!

She sang me a song in French, ‘Tu Es Ma Came’. Apparently there were nearly 1 million other viewers as well.

Metallica were also there, although I wasn’t impressed by their song which seemed to be a chop-up-and-blend of every Metallica song over the past 20 years. Was good to see Lars Ulrich though, with his trademark Ahead LU black and white-tipped drumsticks. I bought Yas a pair 6-7 years ago for £25, and it still costs the same.