Old man of the forest – Ourang Hutan

I just had a most amazing thought. I want to be an orangutan! The idea came casually to me while I was commenting on Rachey’s post and now it has taken roost in my head. I want to be a swinging, jazz-loving orangutan like the one in The Jungle Book (Disney’s finest; all downhill after that no matter what Boudi says). I want to swing from the trees and shoot two bananas from my feet into my friends’ mouths. I want to hop and jump down the road, skipping over my own joined hands. I want to be able to slap the ground in time to a jungle rhythm!

Oh please can I be an orangutan????


While looking through Jessy’s blog, Internet Explorer crashed as it always does at her blog. After opening up a window again, I tried the drop-down menu of the Address bar to save me typing in the URL again. Guess what I found? A previous user had typed this in


Note the ‘p’ instead of ‘b’. Obviously it got him nowhere. Also, equally obviously he’s Greek!

Had a good time over the weekend celebrating Tinks’ birthday. It was nice to see both Mamie and Jommy in the same room again for the first time since 2005. Couldn’t play badminton on Sunday as my right toe’s still swollen from Friday’s football mishap. Sha and I were both clear IDIOTS for having woken up an hour earlier and rushed to get the buses that would see her in Trafford Centre for her 11:30 shift. We were surprised to see Simon pedalling past us at the MBS bus stop for the 10 a.m. badminton at what we thought was 11 a.m.! Then the penny dropped as simultaneously Ali started laughing on the phone at our stupidity. I made a beautiful pesto and tomato based beef sauce for our Sunday din-din. I’m gonna rush home now and polish off what’s left of it before Sha can get her mitts to it.

World Cup Soccer??

As I was fortunate enough to receive, as a birthday present from my bum-chums, a year’s subscription to National Geographic magazine, I will be periodically enlightening you on global issues pertaining to this.

But now, a beef.

While writing about football, the American-slanted journal has gone and called it soccer!! I am outraged!! The editor justifies this by saying that “most of our readers equate ‘football’ with another game, but soccer is always soccer”. What about the billions in the world who call it football? These people should get their head out of their arses. Also, nearly all the letters to the editor are from Americans, with their own peculiar way of looking at the world! Everything they publish is biased towards gas-guzzling, lard-arsed Yanks.



It means “Let’s go” in Russian.

This is significant in two ways.

First, tonight we’re all going to Cocotoo for Tracy’s brithday party, after which we will debase ourselves in front of the snobbish crowds of One Central.

Second, there’s an exhibit of Russian space exploration currently on display at Manchester’s Central Library. With Yuri Gagarin’s famous mug holding a dove, Sputnik, interiors of various spacecraft, etc. Photos really worth taking a look at.

Which reminds me of a great song by the Russian patriotic group ‘Любэ’ – ‘Lyube’ remembering love while thanking Gagarin.


“Ребята С Нашего Двоpа” – “Lads of our neighbourhood”
От весеннего шyма yстанешь,
И по стаpым пpоyлкам пpойдешь,
И дpyзей своих pядом с собой пpедставишь,
И стyденческий воздyх хлебнешь.

Вечеpок этот дивный, блаженный,
Повтоpяется с каждой весной,
Ой, затянет тебя он беседой дyшевной,
Закачает, как мост подвесной.

И ты споешь пpо свет в любимом окне,
Пpо звезды, что в тишине над гоpизонтом гоpят
И ты споешь, и тихо клены вздохнyт,
И вновь тебе подпоют pебята с нашего двоpа.
Ла-ла-ла-ла-ла-ла-ла ла-ла

И пpипомнятся звyки баяна
Из pаспахнyтых в полночь окон,
Витькy pыжего вспомнишь соседа-бyяна,
И КиpÑŽÑ…y по кличке “Флакон”.

Помнишь, пиво носили в бидоне?
Ох, pyгался на это весь двоp,
И смолили тайком мы с тобой на балконе,
А потом был с отцом pазговоp.

А еще я весне благодаpен,
За Отчизнy, что все же живет.
И за то, что однажды в апpеле Гагаpин
Совеpшил свой высокий полет.

И ты споешь пpо свет в любимом окне,
Пpо звезды, что в тишине над гоpизонтом гоpят
И ты споешь, и тихо клены вздохнyт,
И вновь тебе подпоют pебята с нашего двоpа.

My Google analytics

Here are some choice tidbits:-

This week I had 130 visits with 360 page views. 57% of those are new visitors, 47% returning. (although these figures are based on I.P addresses, not photo I.D.s and D.N.A screening of the visitors)

Visits by Source

Direct- 43%

Google- 38.5%

ISOM- 8.5%

Other- 7%

And the remaining 3% divided between Boudica and Jessy.

Visitors are getting sucked in from Port Alberni on the U.S West coast to Singapore in the East, and from Harnosand, Cajititlan, Ramat Gan, Garlasco, Louki, Boca Raton, Foulmere, Englewood, Wezembeek-Oppem, Leidschendam, Agincourt and Troy, to name a few. 

Yasso, styles

Alex King is the guy you wanna see for blog styles.

Can’t email this, server’s having problems with hotmail and google here at the library so I’ve put it here.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Not the Joel Coen movie, but a real-life tragedy!!

My sister was on the ‘phone yesterday with the blues. She feels, and I’ve mourned too in the past, that life seems to be estranging the two of us. We have always been a close knit unit, more like identical twins, only where I’m the good-looking, talented, etc. one. In the long-standing tradition of Stoicism, I had semi-resigned myself to this as simply being a fact of life; modern day pressures mean that though communicating has never been faster possible (excluding the time it takes to log-in to e-mail accounts), keeping in touch regularly with all people dear to you is simply not possible. (And I take this opportunity to apologise to every single dear friend who feels disappointed and let-down by my tardiness).

But we’ve made a pact of sorts to keep in touch more often. There used to be a time when I could picture the surroundings/people when she related a story, thus being able to contextualise it. Now that link is lost, and will take awhiles to re-forge.

Although the 50-minute conversation did end on a happier note; I managed to regale her with stories of the notorious doings of Konstantinos Charalampous, Prathap Chandran, and meself in Moscow.

p.s. Funny that, when I search for “Atlantis computing blog” in Google, my blog comes up fourth, with no sight of hers!

I am watching you watching me

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool!! I love to sit back and see my wicked (not in a good way) empire grow and my sticky, gooey web-mucous squirt its way across the globe!!!


It’s Sha’s first day at work today. She’ll be the face of a certain bank company’s branch in Trafford Centre. I hope she doesn’t get caught with her fingers in the till on the first day!!! (Ideally you should wait atleast a week before you take advantage of the “benefits” that don’t get mentioned in the job application pack).


Anybody heard of him? Give me a shout. He’s supposed to be really good with electric bass and laptop, so I’m trying to get something to listen to on t’web.

On the lighter side, apparently there’s a hit-and-run defecator at loose on Britain’s trains. And yes, I was tempted to say “Shit-and-run”.

On me Geburtstag

I want to thank everybody for the good wishes, both thought and sent. I hope to soon find enough time to personally thank each and every one of you (or those who count, at least) but for now here’s my gratitude.

Here. Take it.

Meanwhile, on the topic of World Domination By (Evil) Robots, we have this excerpt from New Scientist.

A “swarm” of simple-minded robots that teams up to move an object too heavy for them to manage individually has been demonstrated by robotics researchers.

The robots cannot communicate and must act only on what they can see around them. They follow simple rules to fulfil their task – mimicking the way insects work together in a swarm.

As any reasonably intelligent person who has watched the movie ‘Virus’ knows, it is only a matter of time before they start self-replicating and mutating and then they’ll make our eyes water!! I’m not an “Alarmist!!!!”, God forbid!!!, but I must say —- “Run for the life-boats!!!!”

Manchester United thrashed Liverpool 2-0 in a game I watched on Sunday with Sha and Paulo after early morning badminton. Liverpool were totally out-classed by a display from ManU that I haven’t seen in a long while. Liverpool is really out of any serious contention for the league title now. Arsenal however, are coming back to flowing form (albeit against Reading) and may be capable of a real fight.