Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Not the Joel Coen movie, but a real-life tragedy!!

My sister was on the ‘phone yesterday with the blues. She feels, and I’ve mourned too in the past, that life seems to be estranging the two of us. We have always been a close knit unit, more like identical twins, only where I’m the good-looking, talented, etc. one. In the long-standing tradition of Stoicism, I had semi-resigned myself to this as simply being a fact of life; modern day pressures mean that though communicating has never been faster possible (excluding the time it takes to log-in to e-mail accounts), keeping in touch regularly with all people dear to you is simply not possible. (And I take this opportunity to apologise to every single dear friend who feels disappointed and let-down by my tardiness).

But we’ve made a pact of sorts to keep in touch more often. There used to be a time when I could picture the surroundings/people when she related a story, thus being able to contextualise it. Now that link is lost, and will take awhiles to re-forge.

Although the 50-minute conversation did end on a happier note; I managed to regale her with stories of the notorious doings of Konstantinos Charalampous, Prathap Chandran, and meself in Moscow.

p.s. Funny that, when I search for “Atlantis computing blog” in Google, my blog comes up fourth, with no sight of hers!

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