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Oh, and I was tagged by Turboslut (you gotta love that name!), so here goes.

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over
Four Places You’ve Lived
Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation
Four Blogs You Visit Daily
Four Of Your Favourite Foods
Four Places You’d Rather Be
Four Albums You Can’t Live Without
Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
Four People To Be Tagged

Timed out again: Will Return Soon!!!!



I popped in ‘Heat’ last night ‘coz I was bored and “there’s nowt on telly anyway”. That’s how they used to make ’em: Al de Niro and Robert Pacino, Val Kilmer, and that mexican-looking bloke, and that italian-looking bloke. A great bunch, blasting all 31 flavours of crap out of banks, armoured trucks, cops, and innocent bystanders. Reading Rachey’s blog, I had to agree. The precise reason I reached for Heat was that I wanted no moral dilemmas whatsoever. I seem to spend too much time nowadays philosophising about the rights and wrongs of some exceedingly impalusible and impossible movie situations. (I guess it’s just my sensitive and caring nature 🙂 )
Having said that, Hollywood seems to be unable to resist that “confrontation scene”. Allow me to explain. Seeing as how the whole movie is about the cop and the baddie battling each other, they went to extraordinary lengths, stretching the credibility of the plot, in order to put Al and Rob face to face in a battle of words that showed how much they were real men, and grudgingly admired each others intelligence, but had to do what they do.
But that Ashley Judd, COR!!

“Naz gets a gold star in Media Studies. Come to the front of the class, dear boy”

So much to say…

I have written an impromptu Haiku because today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

We shall move ahead
Forgiveness is the best way
To honour the dead

I’m also thinking of starting a section called “Al’s Diaries” that will be based on the doings of a close personal friend of mine. He doesn’t use the net too much, so I’m hoping I can just reveal private and embarassing moments from his personal life without asking him permission, and he will be none the wiser. That’s how I’ve learned to deal with most ethical dilemmas, by the way. For legal reasons, let’s just call him a “fictional character” I totally “made up”, (wink wink) ok?
All you need to know about Al for now his that he is a phenomenal boozer, and has a magnetic personality. Magnet for trouble, that is. Further facets of this diamond may become observable to you as you read about his escapades, although I’m quite convinced that’s all there is to him. (“With friends like these…”)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Dear Mozart and Natalya
Happy birthday to you

(Natalya’s my friend, Mozart’s the music/opera/symphony thingy guy)

Saddo or what??

A new telly program due on Channel Four is called the IT crowd. And I thought it was the I.T.Crowd as in Information Technology. And the telly rushes show loads of gorgeous people having a party, and there I’m thinking “Oh, yeah baby, that’s us I.T. guys alright. Down to a T”

Oh, and a song for you

Listening to a John Coltrane best of CD, I was surprised by a song called Lush Life

Oh, and Ioannis, the Rolling Stones song about pills I mentioned called Mother’s Little Helper is also there.

I’m trying to type with some crazy piano banging away in my ears and putting me off, ’cause I’m trying to match his speed with my two typing fingers (and the occasional thumb for the space bar)

Some catching up to do

If you’ve visited Ioannis’ blog, you’ll know of a nice Saturday I had. I’ll be taking a leaf out of Boudica darling’s blog, and regale you with accounts of my own mystery person, Ms. X. I’m hoping they’ll go someway to explaining why I’ve been so lax with my blogging duties, if you know what I mean! But only after I obtain permission. I see clearly now why Turboslut has gone private with a separate blog for friends only; though I must complain to her that I’m not going to register to comment, and therefore she must set it up in a way to allow me, a non-blogger to comment. (Actually, I just went over to see what she’s on about. HELLOOOO!!)


P.s. I must add this is entirely due to SOME people writing more than necessary!! Yes, I’m talking about YOU!

Shut up and learn!

I’ve decided, from an idea I got while commenting on Jessy’s blog, to teach my readers Russian. I think she might be doing the same with Mandarin. after all, us Isomers are a very social-minded and forward-thinking group.

(I’m trying to find the writing in Russian, but I’m having no joy. I wanted to say “Hello, my name is..” but couldn’t find the Russian, so this will do)

The line for today is:

привет, как ваше имя?

Privyet, kak vaashe eemya?

Hello, what is your name?

Dead Ringers

And thank heavens for BBC online radio, I’m cracking up listening to Dead Ringers!!

Chimp Week

I’m getting tired of kissing the BBC’s over-sized butt (I’m imagining a sort of matronly figure with a ginormous posterior and kindly smile, but you can use your own imagination) but they’ve done it again!! They’ve had Chimp Week going on BBC One and it is absolutely gorge!! Although it is slightly worrying when a local conservationist stands on the shore of the Lake Tanganyika and points out all across the other sides there’s civil unrest and streams of refugees heading towards the reserve. I read African Silence not long ago, and even back in late 70’s, people who actually worked in Africa knew the importance of enrolling the locals in conservation efforts, as well as the impossibility of saving animals without sparing a thought for the local people as well. But now they seem to be catching up, atleast ideogically.
Ape Week was talking about the probable extinction of Orangutans due to crop farming in Indonesia. Apparently jungle habitat is being cleared to make way for farmers to grow Palm Oil trees. One in every ten products on our supermarket shelves contains Palm oil, from cosmetics, to butter, ice-cream, etc. More info on this can be found on this Friends of Earth page.