So much to say…

I have written an impromptu Haiku because today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

We shall move ahead
Forgiveness is the best way
To honour the dead

I’m also thinking of starting a section called “Al’s Diaries” that will be based on the doings of a close personal friend of mine. He doesn’t use the net too much, so I’m hoping I can just reveal private and embarassing moments from his personal life without asking him permission, and he will be none the wiser. That’s how I’ve learned to deal with most ethical dilemmas, by the way. For legal reasons, let’s just call him a “fictional character” I totally “made up”, (wink wink) ok?
All you need to know about Al for now his that he is a phenomenal boozer, and has a magnetic personality. Magnet for trouble, that is. Further facets of this diamond may become observable to you as you read about his escapades, although I’m quite convinced that’s all there is to him. (“With friends like these…”)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Dear Mozart and Natalya
Happy birthday to you

(Natalya’s my friend, Mozart’s the music/opera/symphony thingy guy)

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  1. good haiku, i can’t say anything i need to in less than about 25 words. pretty sad really



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