Shut up and learn!

I’ve decided, from an idea I got while commenting on Jessy’s blog, to teach my readers Russian. I think she might be doing the same with Mandarin. after all, us Isomers are a very social-minded and forward-thinking group.

(I’m trying to find the writing in Russian, but I’m having no joy. I wanted to say “Hello, my name is..” but couldn’t find the Russian, so this will do)

The line for today is:

привет, как ваше имя?

Privyet, kak vaashe eemya?

Hello, what is your name?

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  1. All I can recall of Russian is some book we read in school which had some Russian proverb along the lines of “Loobov nye kartovshka, nye vibrosheesh kartovshka”. Love is not a potato and cannot be thrown from the window. Insightful. 🙂

  2. Jessy

     /  12 January, 2006

    All I know about Russian is that Chinese used to learn Russian when these two countries were good friends! Now you can still find some people over 50 can speak some Russian. My father has a friend who can speak a bit. From him, I know the pronunciation is very hard!

    Maybe I will blog about all the foreign words that I know later on, on my blog! so you can go and comment!

  3. Привет, Меня зовут Боудика


  4. That’s a great idea. I look like a Russian spy in my passport picture so I may as well be able to talk like one.

    Anyway, I have tagged you. Come over to Mad Ramblings to find out more.


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