Some catching up to do

If you’ve visited Ioannis’ blog, you’ll know of a nice Saturday I had. I’ll be taking a leaf out of Boudica darling’s blog, and regale you with accounts of my own mystery person, Ms. X. I’m hoping they’ll go someway to explaining why I’ve been so lax with my blogging duties, if you know what I mean! But only after I obtain permission. I see clearly now why Turboslut has gone private with a separate blog for friends only; though I must complain to her that I’m not going to register to comment, and therefore she must set it up in a way to allow me, a non-blogger to comment. (Actually, I just went over to see what she’s on about. HELLOOOO!!)

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  1. Ah, now light dawns on marble head. Someone has managed to nab Naz huh?! We’ll leave you to it then sir! 😉

  2. Oooops…..I will set it up I promise.

  3. I hope you have been having lots of ‘fun’ btw 😉

  4. Its the best way, you know. Sorry to be catching up so late and so all-over-the-place-edly, work and Mr.M have been keeping me occupied tee hee. ok, enough, sorry, i’ll shut up 😀



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