On me Geburtstag

I want to thank everybody for the good wishes, both thought and sent. I hope to soon find enough time to personally thank each and every one of you (or those who count, at least) but for now here’s my gratitude.

Here. Take it.

Meanwhile, on the topic of World Domination By (Evil) Robots, we have this excerpt from New Scientist.

A “swarm” of simple-minded robots that teams up to move an object too heavy for them to manage individually has been demonstrated by robotics researchers.

The robots cannot communicate and must act only on what they can see around them. They follow simple rules to fulfil their task – mimicking the way insects work together in a swarm.

As any reasonably intelligent person who has watched the movie ‘Virus’ knows, it is only a matter of time before they start self-replicating and mutating and then they’ll make our eyes water!! I’m not an “Alarmist!!!!”, God forbid!!!, but I must say —- “Run for the life-boats!!!!”

Manchester United thrashed Liverpool 2-0 in a game I watched on Sunday with Sha and Paulo after early morning badminton. Liverpool were totally out-classed by a display from ManU that I haven’t seen in a long while. Liverpool is really out of any serious contention for the league title now. Arsenal however, are coming back to flowing form (albeit against Reading) and may be capable of a real fight.

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  1. thanks accepted, altho slightly disappointed that ur quote of the day did not come from national geographic.

  2. Jessy’s still holding on to my present!! I have to prise it from her clutches.


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