Sha and I are off to Wigan soon. I have an interview with “Britain’s longest-established independent specialist in the field of meter-reading”. I hope I’ll like the place, seeing as how I might have to actually go there everyday to work. Will keep you guys posted. Have had a hectic Monday and Tuesday with the wine a-flowing. Watched Arsenal crash in Moscow, and United and Caltic both triumph over Copenhagen and Benfica with 3-0s. Today is the big day for European football; Chelsea and Barcelona crash.

Ok, I’d better get busy doing some background checks on the company, because I actually am hoping to be their business analyst so it might help if I know what their business is. 

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  1. Ioannis

     /  18 October, 2006

    It might. Good luck.

  2. Jessy

     /  18 October, 2006

    When are you going and when will you be back?!

  3. I’m sure even if you knew nothing, your quick tongue would convince them otherwise Naz! Good luck nonetheless! 🙂

  4. I can’t keep using my quick tongue on strangers though; after a while my jaw hurts!


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