While looking through Jessy’s blog, Internet Explorer crashed as it always does at her blog. After opening up a window again, I tried the drop-down menu of the Address bar to save me typing in the URL again. Guess what I found? A previous user had typed this in


Note the ‘p’ instead of ‘b’. Obviously it got him nowhere. Also, equally obviously he’s Greek!

Had a good time over the weekend celebrating Tinks’ birthday. It was nice to see both Mamie and Jommy in the same room again for the first time since 2005. Couldn’t play badminton on Sunday as my right toe’s still swollen from Friday’s football mishap. Sha and I were both clear IDIOTS for having woken up an hour earlier and rushed to get the buses that would see her in Trafford Centre for her 11:30 shift. We were surprised to see Simon pedalling past us at the MBS bus stop for the 10 a.m. badminton at what we thought was 11 a.m.! Then the penny dropped as simultaneously Ali started laughing on the phone at our stupidity. I made a beautiful pesto and tomato based beef sauce for our Sunday din-din. I’m gonna rush home now and polish off what’s left of it before Sha can get her mitts to it.

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  1. Proper domesticated couple aren’t ya?!

  2. Sha

     /  31 October, 2006

    Ali laughed at my loss of voice while I was on the phone to him, not YOUR mistake of forgetting the clock-turning back.

  3. Sha

     /  31 October, 2006

    Rach, u dont know, sometimes I have to battle for my share of food otherwise I would look like a proper Chinese chopstick, bcos he clears the table ;P

  4. Tinks

     /  2 November, 2006

    What you on about you are a proper chinese chopstick… if you get any thinner you’ll look like a starved ethiopian… So, Naz please could you sponser just 2 meals a day to help Sha sha on her way to complete her Phd.


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