World Cup Soccer??

As I was fortunate enough to receive, as a birthday present from my bum-chums, a year’s subscription to National Geographic magazine, I will be periodically enlightening you on global issues pertaining to this.

But now, a beef.

While writing about football, the American-slanted journal has gone and called it soccer!! I am outraged!! The editor justifies this by saying that “most of our readers equate ‘football’ with another game, but soccer is always soccer”. What about the billions in the world who call it football? These people should get their head out of their arses. Also, nearly all the letters to the editor are from Americans, with their own peculiar way of looking at the world! Everything they publish is biased towards gas-guzzling, lard-arsed Yanks.


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  1. Sha

     /  29 October, 2006

    What do u mean nobody visits your site? I am herexx

  2. Your comments seem a little Anti-American there Naz! Although true, I would have to say. 🙂

  3. Tinks

     /  2 November, 2006

    EEERRR!!! Helloooo???

    The Americans have always been like this…whats new??? What does Soccer suppose to mean anyway? Though I have grown to appreciate the game of American Football(coz of my other half in bloody Belfast) I think they should recall it something else coz theres hardly ever any foot action with the ball in American Football. So, why would they try to nick the name of Football for a game that hardly uses their FOOT for the BALL???

    So, football should stay as FOOTBALL, and American Football should be called Soccer!!! Don’t tell the one in Belfast that I’ve said that.

  4. jill

     /  2 November, 2006

    yes, my mother likes to say things like “oh, u and ur brother are both watching soccer”….. its FOOTBALL mother… FOOTBALL…..


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