Old man of the forest – Ourang Hutan

I just had a most amazing thought. I want to be an orangutan! The idea came casually to me while I was commenting on Rachey’s post and now it has taken roost in my head. I want to be a swinging, jazz-loving orangutan like the one in The Jungle Book (Disney’s finest; all downhill after that no matter what Boudi says). I want to swing from the trees and shoot two bananas from my feet into my friends’ mouths. I want to hop and jump down the road, skipping over my own joined hands. I want to be able to slap the ground in time to a jungle rhythm!

Oh please can I be an orangutan????

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  1. Tinks

     /  2 November, 2006

    What crack are you on?

  2. Would anyone notice the difference Naz?! Just don’t shave for a couple of years and you’re there! 😛


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