Absenteeism and the Art of Friendship Maintenance

Yes, something that needs to be discussed almost as much as that other exploration. I am finally back after another episode of relapses, during which I care not to answer the phone, nor actually maintain much contact with anybody. Human contact, I must clarify because the television is always there.

It becomes difficult given such tendencies to maintain relationships, beacuse frankly who wants to have to always make the effort of reaching out?

But I have my best man on the case, and we shall soon find a way to sort this out. I guess.

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  1. jessy

     /  6 November, 2006

    It sounds like a book I should read as I am doing “the philosophy of science”!
    So what do they say about how to share a cake?!
    Well that is the result of trying to understand “the philosophy or history of science”!


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