“Busy? You tell me, Sista!”

Crammed a lot of action in since my last post.

So, in no particular order:-

Went Ape at Go Ape in Poole’s Cavern, Buxton. Fellow chimps were Saadia and Nina. Tarzan’s leap and zip-lining backwards are highlights, vids of us being daft should be up on Arsebook soon enough. You must have a go, see website goape.co.uk (NOT gape.co.uk) Pub lunch in Buxton, Chicken pasta Alfredo washed down with a pint of Abbot’s Ale. And roast dindin at Saadia’s later with Ioan, Jess and Rob to say bye-byes to Nina going back to Germany to work so the Euro funding can continue to flow.

Lounge 31 in town got a look-in over the weekend with Rob and Kenyan mates after lubrication in Chorlton’s The Pub got a bit out of hand.

Belter of a footie match, no not United/Porto, but the Scouse/Chelski one. Chelski through on aggregate 7-5 after the 4-4 thriller. United are also in the semis, obviously! (Who was all – “No English team has ever one in Portugal before”?) Oh, almost forgot, I went to see the Man U Porto one last week!

Also had BBQ at the Verdelis’s, a half sunny-half rainy affair, feeding fishies to the cat. We all had a good chin wag and went bowling at Parrs Wood later, where I won once!!

Website designing is back with a bang, rattandirect.co.uk should be up and running just in time for when our ad comes out in glam rag Lancashire Life. Signs are going up next week. Photo shoot needs completing now the studio lights and tripod are here. CRM needs beta-testing. Real Biz Dev is finally happening.

Oh, and trying to dust and arrange all the music I own in Compact Disc format. Hercules had it easy, I tell thee!

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