ProDerma, AntiAgeing, Gentler FriendlyBacteria Technology(tm)

While flicking through the telly yesterday I caught sight of an advert that looked a lot like those ads for slim cigarettes we used to see. By which I mean cool, sophisticated lifestyle ads.

I did a double take when I undertood what was actually being advertised. It was an injection! Yes ladies and gentlefolk, we now have an advert for a cosmetic injection on our tellies at 9 o’clock in the evening! The Juvederm Ultra is marketed as the “gentler, comfortable injection” which means that they have somehow acheived what years of medical science has not been able to!

I haven’t checked, but I’m sure it contains some kind of pseudo-scientific “PRO-something” or “ANTI-something” or “DERMA-something “”technology” or “bacteria” or some other hoax.

Oh, and it’s available from your nearest “medical aesthetic practitioner”; whatever that pseudo-job title actually means.

Take me away from here!!!!!!

Reassuringly weird

This old Stella Artois ad came to my mind recently.

Apparently it is “Buñuel-ian”, so I looked him up.

Read about the director Luis Buñuel; it’s a very interesting write-up.