Now I’ve seen it all

I have received a spam e-mail advertising spam detection software. And I guess in a weird way it does make sense. I did receive the spam, therefore I must be in need of spam detection software.

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  1. Ah but did the spam go to your spam filter or your inbox? Coz if it went to your inbox, it would suggest that the spam filter software email doesn’t have the ability to even detect itself. In which case, I wouldn’t buy it if I were you! πŸ™‚

  2. Arrrghhh it’s too complicated!!!! But I was scratching my left parcel (a euphimism for bollocks) while thinking, so maybe that influenced the process?

  3. Please tell me u got spammed in hotmail, not gmail. Cos that would make us ALL lose faith…..

  4. Yasso

     /  2 March, 2007



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