Not a bad day, not a bad day at all!

Sha came over yesterday, and while she had a nap my legendary cooking skills were put to work to whip up a spicy chicken korma (I’ve still got some leftovers!). Then we sat and watched a brilliant Bolton v Arsenal FA Cup 4th round game that went all the way to extra time. A real edge-of-the-seat nail-biter which Arsenal eventually won.

My inbox is strangely empty today, so I suspect this Hotmail Beta thingy has messed up again. It seems to delight in telling me that I have no new messages, in the tone of “You ain’t got none an’ you ain’t never gonna have none neither!!”

I thought of going to Halifax today to open an account because I foolishly believed that they were giving away £100 to any idiot like myself who opened an account. Of course the proviso was that I have to put in £1000 each month! Yeah, and why don’t I eliminate World Poverty while I’m at it?

Have to go get my eyesight tested, and look for replacement specs. I’ve had mine for oh 3 years I guess, and the frame finally gave way. So now I’m walking around with a benevolent smile and a short-sighted squint that marks me down instantly as an oaf.

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  1. You should get contacts. Then your oaf-like squint won’t need to be hidden behind lenses. 😛

  2. u really know how to treat a girl…. dinner AND 24 men (inc you and the ref)!!

  3. Jill! u really know me~~~


  4. And a massage!!


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