A new beginning!

Yes, I’ve finally moved over to g-mail. As you know I’ve been experimenting with Hotmail Live for a while, it’s simply not good enough. Plus I get the uneasy feeling that my messages are going missing, because I have newsletters pouring in with jobs everyday except for the last two days, where all has gone quiet.

The new e-mail address couldn’t be simpler to remember; it’s linked to my blog. So you can now g-mail me at contact@nazmania.co.uk The sooner you drop me a line, the sooner you’ll be in my new, elite list of pals.

There will a short period of total mayhem while I switch over, not least because of the huge number of contacts and old mail that will need sorting out, plus the usual teething problems. My first priority is going to be switching all the job search engines over to my new address.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if you and Yanni are one and the same person. 😛
    I didn’t realise you could have a gmail address without an @gmail. How?!

  2. Ioannis

     /  16 February, 2007

    A small IT project of its own then?

  3. Yasso

     /  19 February, 2007

    At last! Finally you get sensible…
    That’s one less skeleton in my closet…


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