Did anybody see the episode of Dragon’s Den where the smiling rasta fella called “Levi Roots” (er.. Keith, actually) came on with his guitar to get money for his Reggae Reggae Sauce?

I find myself singing the song all the time now, albeit in the wrong key. Not only that, but I want to try this sauce and see what it’s like. I usually use Encona, and Tabasco, but I’d love that Jerk/Barbecue sauce he was advertising. After all, it’s so good he had to name it twice! Looking it up on google, I see he’s become quite a talking point amongst people mirroring my sentiment.

Damn you Keith and your infectious jingle!!

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  1. Guess what? Levi’s in the MEN today – apparently Sainsbury’s will sell his reggae reggae sauce at 607 stores for the next six months. His Single, Proper Tings (The Reggae Reggae Sauce Song), will also be available from the supermarket from Monday for the handsome price of £3.99.


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