Just do it later

Back from Sardegna after a most beautiful trip that was simply the bestest ever! It was heart-breaking to leave the beach. I have a souveneir t-shirt that says “Just do it later” with a man sleeping on the swoosh sign.

Opened my front door at 01:00 today and slept on the sofa. Work started early and looks to finish late today; it’s 18:00 and I’m still here. Knackered!

Later:- And I forgot to mention my “Made in China” glasses came apart at Liverpool airport as we were queueing to check-in, which prompted a whole section of the queue to walk around staring at the floor. So I spent my holidays on topless beaches without being able to see owt! Talk about falling into a barrel of tits and coming up sucking your thumb!

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  1. No sympathy. 😛

  2. jessy

     /  9 August, 2007

    Where are the pictures?

  3. jessy

     /  9 August, 2007

    From the topless beach!

  4. How very crude! And why didn’t you pick your glasses up and put them in the bin? 😛


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