My Hotmail and I

Had a quiet day at Sha’s place. I really wanted to be with her (use her Internet connection) so we spent the rainy day indoors, and I managed to bring my hotmail account down from 27 pages to just 13. Of course, not all the emails were deleted, I just moved them fro the inbox to special folders.
My (second) driving test is coming up, just days away but I’ve decided not to mention it because of the darned luck it brought me last time. Some voodoo curse thing or something. So I won’t mention that it’s on the 7th, and we’ll just leave it at that, all right?

Zorba’s Grand Dad

This is how all the men in this book regard women. Zorba is off on one of his speeches again, complete with exclamations and curses. The author narrates:-

“May God sanctify my grandad’s bones!” he said. “He knew a thing or two about women. He liked them a lot, poor wretch, and they led him a regular dance in his lifetime. ‘By all the good things I wish you, Alexis, my boy,’ he’d say, ‘beware of women! When God took Adam’s rib out to create woman – curse that minute! – the devil turned into a serpent, and pff! he snatched the rib and ran off with it…. God dashed after him and caught him, but he slipped out of his fingers and God was left with just the devil’s horns in his hands. “A good housekeeper,” said God, “can sew even with a spoon. Well, I’ll create woman with the devil’s horns!” And he did; and that’s how the devil got us all, Alexis my boy. No matter where you touch a woman, you touch the devil’s horns. Beware of her, my boy! She also stole the apples in the garden of Eden; she shoved them down her bodice, and now she goes out and about, strutting all over the place. A plague on her! Eat any of those apples and you’re lost; don’t eat any and you’ll still be lost! What advice can I give you, then, my boy? Do as you please!’ That’s what my old grandad said to me. But how could you expect me to grow up sensible? I went the same way as he did – I went to the devil!”