“Quality in everything…”

A certain company to whom I am attempting to apply online for a job has the tagline under their name that goes “Quality in everything we do”. Needless to say, their online application form doesn’t work….

Management books

It is difficult to understand where some authors of management books get their inspirational themes from. One is reminded of the book ‘1000 ways to get rich’ which lists one method as “writing a book about getting rich”. This seems to be the general philosophy behind some management books; selling old theory with new packaging and catchy titles. Sun Tzu’s ‘The art of war’ supposedly has important things to tell us about management, and is still on the top management book list, despite having been written 2400 or so years ago on the subject of military tactics. Now PK has brought to my attention another book, where Shakespeare apparently has a lesson for managers. Is ‘Shakespeare on Management’ another poor attempt at cashing in on gullible managers, whose understanding of both Shakespeare and management is minimal? Or is this trend reflective of the fact that management issues are unseparable from daily human activity?